GO AWAY Mrs. Potato Head…

Mrs. Potato Head is here, and has been vacaying at my home. She refuses to trade out my legs, and enjoys watching me crash into bed early because I am physically and mentally drained from work.  She is probably the reason I have a cold too. Sigh. GO AWAY Mrs. Potato Head. Especially, if you are not willing to trade legs.  I went for a run with Murphy today, and my legs felt stiff, awkward, achy, and unlike my own.  I think Mrs. Potato Head gave me her plastic legs to run on when I wasn’t looking.  Today’s run was NOT fun.  It didn’t feel easy.  And I don’t feel like doing more than the 3 I did today in the sad 34 minutes it took. Mind you, some of those minutes Murphy was sniffing the flowers, the grass, eyeing the squirrels, and trying to rip my arm out of socket so he could chase said squirrels. But it was still a sad, pathetic run.  I think I still need some time for my body to rest and recover.  Having a cold is kicking my butt by royally draining my energy to the point that I have climbed into bed by 8:30 nearly every night this week.  Sigh. Anyone else want to take Mrs. Potato Head? I’d like my legs backs sans all the achiness. Thanks.

On another note, Saturday is another event to support Boston.  The Hampton Roads Runners, along with several other running groups, and local athletic organizations have organized a fundraising event to raise $26,200 by the end of this week. The link is here: http://www.raceit.com/search/event.aspx?id=20649  If you feel compelled to support via this avenue, all proceeds are going to Boston’s One Fund to help the families directly impacted by the explosions in Boston during the Boston Marathon.  If you cannot help with funds, please show your continued support by running 2.62 miles and/ or wearing your race shirts this Saturday!

Live. Love. RUN!

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