Why Hello Long Run!

Today was my first actual long run in a while… since April probably.  It’s pretty cool that I ended up doing 8 miles on the trails at FLSP on National Trails Day! Go me and Tammy! Thanks to my running buddy, Tammy, for keeping me company and saving me from the attack bug today!  I’m working on building my mileage back up to where I have at least a solid 30-35 miles per week, and this has meant increasing the number of miles I am doing on the weekend again.  I was definitely ready!

My right calf, however, was still protesting from the killer hill workout I did on Mt. Trashmore on Thursday night.  I was surprised my abs and behind were not protesting considering how they were sore the night of!  Knowing I was running a long run today, I opted to massage my calves out last night, but could only stand a little pressure since both were tender, but the right one being more so.  With a little anxiety about the run in the morning, I went to bed anyway after I set my alarm.

When I rolled out of bed this morning, I stepped onto my right foot, and my leg buckled.  All I could think was “Oh crap. How am I going to run like this? Hobble, run, run, hobble, hobble?!”  I took a few more steps and it felt fine. I think it was just one of those me being a klutz moments.  Doh!  Anywho, I figured what else could I do besides run or sit on my behind all day. What do you think I chose? Duh… run!

My anxiety about running with a super sore calf muscle quickly dissipated as Tammy and I hit the various trails today.  I only really thought about it when we stopped to get water because I could feel it still being slightly tight.  I felt good, but kept a steady, but slower pace throughout the run, especially considering the obstacles we encountered.  Today’s run was through several trails that I had never been on before, and I was thankful to have Tammy for a guide.  I will be back because the sites and trails were gorgeous! Who doesn’t want to run watching the water, feeling the ocean breeze, and still have shade by some tall trees?  The trails were definitely challenging in that we encountered several hills, one of the monstrous size, dirt, sand, packed sand, gravel, and mud, squirrels, bugs, bikers, runners, walkers, and did I mention bugs?  One bug decided to hold onto my hair for dear life while I was smacking at it. Tammy rescued me on that one. Thanks again Tammy!

Overall, I felt really good on today’s 8 mile trail run.  I’m sure my car was protesting my sweat-soaked, dirty, sandy, grimy self being in it afterwards, but it was so worth it to say, “Hello long run! I’m baaaaccckkk!”

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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