Puddle jumping? Yes, please!

I had to get 9 miles in today, and decided to run on the trails with my running buddy Sheila.  Today’s run went smoothly from start to finish, which was great considering the issues with my calf last week.  After the heat, humidity, and rain we’ve had all week, I opted for sleeveless gear and shorts to battle the same conditions today.  Fortunately, the rain held off, but the heat and humidity left me soaked by the time I had completed the 9 miles.  On the way down the main trail, we encountered several mud puddles leftover from yesterday’s rain.  We opted to skip those, and keep on running.  As we started our run, we were warned by some fellow runners to be on the lookout for bugs and flies.  The bugs decided to be in attack mode, and promptly started eating away on me as soon as we got a little ways into the trail.  Despite squishing several, I still managed a few bites on my shoulders, thighs, and calves.  I’ve heard vitamin B helps deflect bugs from chomping on you.  Is this true?

Despite the bugs, I really enjoyed Sheila’s company and the quiet as we put one foot in front of the other to get in our miles.  I know we were pushing to keep a steady pace, but the heat was definitely wearing us out, and we slowed up some as we got to the visitor’s center.  There were lots of people on the trails by this point, and we ran into several more runners as we headed out on the paved portion of the trail to hit the turnaround point.  There were several puddles on the paved part of the trail, and Sheila and I opted to jump and run through them all.  The water felt so good after being so toasty! 
On the way back, we encountered two turtles who seemed less than interested in anyone passing by.  They were hanging out in the puddles in the trail, and were likely trying to stay cool too!  I’m happy to be building my miles back up, and having my legs feel really good the whole time I’m running! Maybe I will add some miles by the ocean in the beginning and ending of my runs so a dip in the ocean will cool me off when I’m done!! Love where I live!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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