Lazy Lobster 10 Miler

I absolutely LOVE the name of the virtual race I ran today: the Lazy Lobster 10 Miler.  Doesn’t it just sound beach-y?  It seemed like the perfect race for me to run in June for my very first virtual run.  For those of you new to the world of virtual racing, you sign up for a race anywhere in the world, run the distance wherever you currently are, and submit your time and distance to the race coordinators for all the goodies that come with running the race.  The Lazy Lobster is definitely spoiling us virtual runners by sending us not only a medal for completing the race, but also a race shirt!  The bonus is that we get raffle prizes too based on age group and time! Talk about being spoiled for my first virtual race!  The best part of it is this: the Lazy Lobster race supports TEAM TRIUMPH from Cape Cod.  This organization seems pretty sweet, and I was happy to be able to simultaneously run and support such a good cause!

Sheila and I opted to run our virtual 10 miler in First Landing State Park, where we would travel two different trails: the Narrows and Cape Henry Trail.  The total mileage was just a bit over ten, but it worked out perfectly for the virtual race.  Our race was inevitably a little more difficult than the standard 10 mile road race since it was on trails with sand, mud, dirt, mulch, pebbles, water, and wildlife.  The temperature this morning was a lot cooler than it has been in a while, and for this I was grateful!

We started our run on the Narrows to get this part of the trails out of the way since it’s the more difficult of the two trails, and we wanted to avoid being attacked by the bugs that tend to come out in the warmer weather.  I felt really good as we were running this morning, and kept my fingers crossed that my leg would hold up the entire way.  We were averaging around a 10 minute per mile pace despite all the sand, mulch, mud, pebbles, and up and down course.  Our only shock along the way was the corpse of snake, which had clearly been something’s dinner.  So, I was pretty pumped when we were done with the Narrows and moved on to the Cape Henry Trail. 

As on most Saturdays, Cape Henry was pretty busy with other runners and bikers, and we saw several running friends along the remaining seven miles of the course this morning.  I learned the hard way that I cannot eat Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats before a race.  I shouldn’t be eating them anyways with the added sugar, but clearly my body was rejecting them since I managed to puke and run simultaneously at about mile 5.  Good thing Sheila had encouraged me to run ahead at that point.  It was not a pretty sight!  Lesson learned- stick to the cheerios and milk only!!!

I was still feeling strong at this point despite the tummy troubles, and opted to just keep moving along.  I was getting frustrated that my iPhone wasn’t playing the songs I really wanted to listen to, and then had a “Doh!” moment.  I never selected my running playlist to listen to before we left. Note to self: when timing a virtual race, be sure to select the running playlist before you take off instead of just hitting shuffle.  Sometimes slow songs are more frustrating than helpful when you want to run strong!

I made a pit stop for some tissue at the turn around point, also known as the Visitor’s Center, because my allergies decided it’d be a good time to make my nose run and clog my ears.  Not fun when you just want to run and have fun! 

Off I went back down the path, and at this point Sheila had caught back up to me.  I was so grateful for her company today because on the way back around 7 miles, my stomach was trying to ditch the remaining portion of the Blueberry Frosted Mini Wheats.  If it weren’t for her, I may have walked the rest, but I opted to keep moving so that we both would finish strong.  Damn you mini wheats!

Our pace was still consistently around the 10 minute mile mark, which still was pretty strong considering the increase in temperature, the fact we were running on trails, and my pitstop for tissues.  Even though my stomach wasn’t cooperating, I was still excited the entire way to be completing this virtual race.  It was so cool to participate in my own hometown, and run where I wanted to run, when I wanted to run.  I finished the 10 miler in 1:40:31, which gives an average pace of 10:10 per mile.  Not too shabby after coming back from an injury, running on trails, and having an upset stomach!!! I will definitely be running this again next year if they have it.  Here’s the link if you want to read more about it:

Live. Love. Run! Passionately!

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3 Responses to Lazy Lobster 10 Miler

  1. Greg Ritchie says:

    LOL – Vomiting during exercise, my favorite!! I did manage to do my “heaving” during the bike portion of a triathlon, however. MUCH easier to accomplish – just start coasting, lean to the side and HURL!! Ahhh, good times. The virtual racing sounds cool, but how do you stop cheaters?! Especially with prizes at stake, I’d think that could be a real issue. Regardless, congrats on your time. That’s very impressive, especially in light of all the circumstances! Rock on!

    • dr1v3n says:

      I’ve done it a few times, but never actually kept running in the process of vomiting.. It was a new experience! I have also done it immediately post race because I pushed so hard!

      I think they try to curb cheaters for the virtual race by having you take a picture of your device showing distance and time and sending you an actual race number to pair with it. Thanks for the kudos! I was pretty impressed myself with the time after all the obstacles! 🙂

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