Running Away from the Rain

Murphy and I ventured out for an easy 4 miler before the rain hit, and immediately following a headache that hit me like a ton of bricks on the way home from a work-related training.  Murphy kept nudging the blinds in the window because he was determined to make me take him out when I went running.  He had no idea he would be doing 4 miles with me tonight!

With the pending storm rolling in, it wasn’t as hot as it had been all day, but it certainly was humid out.  Murphy’s tongue was hanging well before we even hit the mile mark.  The sky, which started out a light grey, progressively got darker as we ran through my neighborhood.  I told Murphy that if we got rained on, it would be ok because it would feel amazing after being so sweaty from the humidity.  He just cocked his head and kept on trotting along beside me.

We got to the two mile mark before the sprinkles started.  I don’t even think Murphy noticed it was sprinkling until it started to come down hard just as we came out from under the tree coverage on the sidewalk.  He stopped, shook himself off, and then kept on going.  The rain stopped within seconds of Murphy’s shake off.  It was like Mother Nature was teasing us.  “Here’s a little teeny taste of cool air and refreshing rain. Now finish your run in the humidity!”  Thanks a lot Mother Nature!

We managed to continue to run away from the rain all the way home as we completed the 4 mile run!  Pretty much as soon as we got in the door, the skies opened up and the rain started pouring! I don’t think either Murphy or I would have minded had we gotten soaked.  He is still trying to cool down in front of the fan! I’m so glad that he loves to run with me!

I am also grateful that Mrs. Potato Head took her plastic, leaden, stiff legs back from yesterday.  My legs felt loose, strong, and good throughout the run tonight.  I think my calf is finally healing! 🙂

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!


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