Ignorance is NOT Bliss

I scrambled out of my bed this morning at 5:15am, anxious to get in my 6 miles before the heat and humidity started.  It was a cool 65 outside, which was most definitely welcome running weather after all the heat and humidity lately.  As I made my way to the boardwalk, I actually felt a little chilled with the breeze, but knew this would quickly change as I started running. 

It was the moment I started running that my mind just cleared.  I love moments like this when I can sort through my thoughts, and purge, and have clarity simultaneously.  I had hoped to see the sunrise this morning but the overcast sky hid the sunshine.  The sky seemed to reflect my mood as of late: a little grey, a little pouty, a little unsure of what it wants to be.  I started thinking about how things have really been put into perspective for me lately.  Several years ago, I scoffed at the idea of getting up early to do anything, and while I still sometimes whine about having to roll out of bed so early for work or a run or volunteering or a road trip, I still do it.  I get up before the sun even graces the sky with it’s first ray.  I do it because I know it’s a good way to start my day.  I do it because I know it will be almost completely quiet and empty on the boardwalk that early in the morning.  I do it because I won’t be overheated by running before the hottest part of the day.  I do it because I can take a nap when I get home after my run, and not feel guilty about it.  I do it because I can eat breakfast twice (once before I run, and once I after I run) before most people have even considered rolling out of the comfort of their bed.  I do it because I am dedicated to bettering myself.  I do it because it makes me a better runner to have structure, discipline, determination, and the will to do it. 

I do it because ignorance taught me that running 5 miles as your longest training run for a half marathon does NOT cut it.  Ignorance has also taught me that the world does not wait for you.  Ignorance has taught me that what I put in my body will not only show on the outside, but also make the inside function better or worse…  Ignorance has taught me that dehydration is no joke. So drink water dummy.  Ignorance has taught me that a sunburn under running gear hurts worse than a sunburn under work clothes where you sit on your ass all day.  Use sunblock.  Ignorance has taught me not to volunteer to do something you really don’t want to do.  You will regret it and will be miserable.  Volunteer for something you are passionate about, and be a happy, helpful person without expecting anything in return.  Good karma always comes back around! Ignorance has taught me silence is not always golden.  It is priceless when it gives you clarity.  It is hurtful when you don’t speak up for yourself or someone else.  It sends the wrong message when its meant to be a “treatment.” Ignorance is not bliss. 

In my clarity this morning I realized the following:

~ I love to run, and I feel so good doing it!

~I may not be a morning person, but saying good morning to everyone I run past helps brighten my day by putting a smile on my face.

~Listening to what’s going on around you, rather than tuning the world out opens your eyes to things you never knew were even happening.

~Running by the ocean is always peaceful in the early hours of the morning.

~Runners are always happy people and will wave or give you the nod when you pass them.

~Wear sunblock. You only have one skin, protect it, cherish it.

~Drink plenty of water.  You can DIE from dehydration. Why be stupid about it when you run?

~Think about what you eat before you eat it.  Don’t consume it without knowing what’s in it.  Do you really want to put that in your system??

~I know I don’t know everything about running, but I am learning every. single. day.

~Ignorance is not bliss. Educate yourself and quit acting and looking like a fool.  Respect does wonders in this world.

6 miles were completed this morning at the peaceful oceanfront, and I couldn’t have felt better.  I averaged about a 9:50 pace, and finished the 6.08 miles in 59:50.

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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