I Don’t Want Another Blanket…

I’m always cold. ALWAYS. This is why I love summer.  Most of the time.  Well, in all honesty, the majority of the time.  Except today.  And well yesterday. Actually, and Sunday too.  See, the weather has decided that it’s going to be in the very high 80’s, and then the heat index is bumping into, but not quite at the 100 degree mark.  When it’s this hot, it’s hard to do much but sweat.  Yes, I know. I am a girl. I should glisten. BUT. I don’t… I sweat!

I have been sweating a lot lately. And eating ice. And consuming more water than I thought my body could hold. And oh wait. I don’t have to pee. Hmm…that’s very unusual for me. I always have to pee.  That right there should tell you how hot it’s been here at the beach.  My runs the past few days have suffered because of it, and tonight’s run was no different.

I love being outside, and spent a good portion of the day outside, walking with Murphy, and then walking with a friend along the boardwalk.  So, it should have been clear that my legs probably wouldn’t function as well during the run considering my time spent outside and on them today.  I had a blonde moment and couldn’t quite figure out why my legs felt like lead, and I was having a hard time dealing with the heat throughout my 7 mile run tonight.  I had to walk. Sad, but true. The heat kicked my hiney!  I did get the 7 miles in, and am super grateful to Sheila for keeping me company while I made my way back to the visitor’s center… mentally kicking myself for not being able to run the whole way. Then I figured it out.  DUH! I spent all day outside, on my feet… NO WONDER my legs were protesting tonight!  Lesson learned… stay out of the heat before a mid-distance run silly!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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