Mother Nature Tripped Me

So, after a week of pretty decent runs, speed work, and hills, I went out for my usual Saturday morning long run at FLSP.  I was feeling pretty good, and loving the cooler temperatures (low 80s), and the wind blowing this morning in the park.  Usually there isn’t much wind or a breeze blowing through the park, but I am so thankful for the tree coverage and shade that I don’t mind.  We tackled the Long Creek trail all the way to the Visitor’s Center.  Sometimes my planning doesn’t always coordinate well with my runs.  I did my hill workout yesterday because I went to a pre-planned birthday party/ concert on Thursday.  I was thankful for not having to run Thursday evening as the heat indexed soared over the 100 degree mark, and it was miserably hot.  My hill workout Friday morning was still hot, but I am sure much more tolerable than if I had run on Thursday evening.  With the lack of a rest day between hills and my long run, my legs were protesting a little bit on the super steep hills in Long Creek, but I made it to the visitor’s center while maintaining a pretty steady pace.

I opted to run the mostly flat Cape Henry trail back to 64th street to give my legs a little bit of a break from the hills because they were starting to feel a bit heavy at this point.  Days like today, I am often drinking so much water and gatorade because I am sweating so much I am soaking through my gear and dripping.  The heat was definitely increasing as we went.  I am super grateful for my running buddies who always maintain whatever pace I can manage along the way.  Even if it means walking a bit because I stepped on a tree root funky and made my tendinitis flare up.  Ugh.  Why do tendons do that? It’s never fun!

So, as you can see, my run was a pretty normal long run.  A not very adventurous one at that.  Then I get to 64th street and see that I have 8.23 miles down, and 1.87 to go.  I opt to head down the narrows with two of my running buddies who promise to at least go some of the distance, and/or catch me on the way back.  We get to mile 8.37 and Mother Nature decides she’s had enough of me running all over her playground.  She sticks out her little foot in the form of a big, old tree root, and trips me!  Straight up trips me.  Mother Nature is SO not nice!  Apparently, I managed to fall gracefully, and not scrape up my chin.  However, I did fly through the air, and slide on my hands and knees like I was trying to tag home base in the last inning of the closest baseball game ever!  My hands got the least of the Mother Nature’s wrath. My knees, however, are perfect evidence that Mother Nature doesn’t play very nice.  They are pretty shredded! So, runners beware! Mother Nature likes to trip you! And it won’t ever be a little tumble; it was a “go all out or go home” kind of moment.  My supposed to be ten mile run ended at 8.37 because Mother Nature decided it was my turn to bite it, and I honestly didn’t feel like explaining to all the runners I passed why I had blood running down both legs from my knees.  One point for Mother Nature. Zero for me. 

Side note: putting hydrogen peroxide on such deep scrapes does NOT feel good.  I’m not one to swear. I swore a lot when my friends brought me home to clean my knees up.  It hurts, but I didn’t cry! I will be back out there tomorrow Mother Nature! You won’t keep this runner down!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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