Recovery Run Epiphanies

Usually Sundays are my recovery run days, and as I discovered last week, even on those days I can run much faster than necessary to recover.  Today, I felt myself holding back the pace while I ran my 4.17 miles alongside my coach on the boardwalk.  I knew I could run faster, but my legs were tired, and well, I was supposed to “recover” from yesterday’s long run.  It’s always nice to have someone that paces so well with you, and my coach certainly does just that.  Even though today’s run seemed easy, we still ended up completing a split negative run.  According to coach, we did the following: 9:42, 9:35, 9:28, 9:21.  And I didn’t feel like I wanted to quit.  In all actuality, we were talking about a few different things, and I brought up my most recent thoughts on the possibility of running another marathon besides Richmond and Shamrock in the near future.  As usual, my coach knows me best, and told me we can make it work. 

I know in order to run any of the upcoming marathons I need to stay on top of my training schedule, my rest days, and actively recuperating my muscles via ice, epsom salt soaks, rolling them out, and ibuprofen.  A nice dip in the ocean after yesterday’s run felt amazing to my tired legs.  That cool, salty water was a perfect way to chill out! Richmond is now 97 days away, and I feel good.  The tendinitis in both feet is flaring up, but I am staying on top of it by icing them daily, and taking the ibuprofen as needed.  Other than that, my legs feel strong, and I am mentally ready for the longer miles that are yet to come to prepare for this race.  It’s funny how I’m 14 weeks out from my 2nd marathon, and I am already planning on #3 and #4 within a few short months after this one is completed.  Why not dream big?! Boston, here I come!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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