Long Runs and Nightmares

If you are a runner, you’ve likely experienced the many nightmares that make you sit up in bed hoping and praying that they aren’t true.  The following scenarios have been frequent nightmares for me as race days approach:

~ get to the start line well after the race has started and be the last one to cross it

~ get into my corral, wait for the announcer to say we can go, and look down and realize I’m completely naked

~ get lost on the way to an out of town race that I am driving to that day

~ having people blocking my way to the finish line though I can clearly see it

Well, as of last night, I had a new nightmare that kept me from sleeping the night before a 12 mile long run.  My new nightmare involved cartoon like monsters that followed me everywhere, wouldn’t leave me alone, and spooked me every time they could.  I tossed and turned, couldn’t get comfortable, would wake up in hopes of ditching the nightmares only to slide right back into them once I dozed off again.  Talk about getting a lack of sleep! I bet I only slept about an hour or so last night.  When my alarm went off at 6:00 am for my long run this morning, I gleefully hit the snooze button, and hid under my covers just a little longer!

I know my fellow HRR running friends could tell I didn’t sleep by the large dark circles under my puffy eyes.  My first thought when I saw them this morning was “it’s going to be an interesting long run today.” I didn’t promise any of them a fast run, but a slow, steady one to finish out the promised 12 miles. 

We navigated a ton of the trails today, and made it an easier run by saying hello to everyone and talking about random stuff throughout the run.  I get giddy when I don’t get any sleep, and I was certainly feeling it as we moved along Cape Henry, White Tail, Long Creek, King Fischer, Bald Cypress, and Osmanthus today.  The more we traveled the trails, the more I confirmed that I am in need of new kicks.  I was starting to feel the gravel under my feet on some parts of Cape Henry, and sometimes you just know when your running shoes are done.  After nearly 470 miles, they are ready to be my kick around in kinda shoes!

12 miles are done, and I felt good after I woke up from being so groggy! Our pace varied depending on the trails, but we ran it all, and I feel good about Rock N Roll that’s coming up quickly! Thanks for the run to all my running buddies today! 🙂 You guys rock!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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