Sunsets and Speedwork

Sunsets and Speedwork

There are days like today where I really don’t feel like running when I get home. Then I go run, and I’m so glad I did. Speedwork was on the agenda for tonight’s run, and I was honestly dreading it because it consisted of a 1.5 mild warm-up, 3×1 miles at as close to 7:25 as I could get, and a 1.5 mile cool-down. With the weather being warmer all summer and the humidity being high, I have struggled to maintain my 9:00 minute mile pace. I have pushed, and broken through it a few times, but I was Leary of tonight’s Speedwork because of this. I can’t use it as an excuse because it only got in the 80s today and it had cooled down quite a but by the time I left to run.

The first two miles I ran at a slow, squirrel sniffing, lolly-gagging pace with Murphy. The next 3 miles were as follows: 8:16, 8:39, 8:45. I gave it everything I had to get those miles as close as I could to 7:25. And when I wanted to let up, or even stop, I kept asking myself, “how bad do you want Boston? Because slowing down isn’t going to help you.”

I pushed through the humidity and remaining heat of the day, and I was rewarded with the feeling that I was flying, and it felt A-mazing!!!! My legs felt great tonight, and I am SO glad I went for a run. A little bit of pain is always worth the gain, right?!

This sunset was what I was rewarded with when I had one mile left to go… What a gorgeous way to end a run.

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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