Let’s talk about summer. Summer seems to have disappeared here at the beach.  It’s more like fall weather at home where it’s warm during the day and the temperature drops rapidly as the sun goes down.  That DOES NOT normally happen here, especially in August! It was chilly at 73 degrees in comparison to the 90 degree weather we’ve been having recently.  Boy do we get spoiled by our weather, and we are certainly wimps when it cools down too quickly!

I had a 6 mile split negative to run tonight, and I had new kicks to break in.  So, when I met up with Sheila tonight, I shivered a little, ok a lot, and we were off! We took off a little quickly, and had to pull back a bit because 1. it was too quick for the split negative (an 8:24 pace), and 2. we were dodging many a tourist. We slowed up, and were playing frogger with the continuous flow of tourists, and battling through the winds barreling through the alleys in between the streets. We saw some hotel staff putting up signs welcoming the Rock N Roll runners and made sure to say thank you and cheer when we saw them! We finished the first 3 miles around or just under 30 minutes.

On the way back, we continued to dodge more tourists, who clearly don’t know what to do when a runner is coming at them or behind them and is kindly asking them to get the hell out of the way.  Man, are people really that oblivious that they are going to let someone who is clearly coming at them at a fast pace just run into them head-on?! I don’t get it. I know I would move out of the way.  As much as I know tourism is good for our city, I am ready to have the boardwalk and sidewalks at the oceanfront back! We pushed our pace against the head winds on the way back.  It was strong enough to make me kick myself a few times, and give us some serious resistance training in the process.  We booked it on the way back, and when Sheila read our overall time as 56:29, I knew we had a split negative.  Our mile times were: 9:54, 9:41, 9:42, 9:06, 9:11, 8:46.  OH YEAH! We got that split negative!!! And my new adidas trail runners felt A-mazing!  I am sooo glad I got new shoes. It made a huge difference in my running tonight, and my legs felt so much less fatigued.  Thanks for the run Sheila!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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