Running.. Already??

It’s funny how people ask me the question of “You’re running again already? Didn’t you just complete a race?” when they heard me talking about my training schedule this week.  It’s humorous watching the faces of those who don’t quite grasp the concept that, yes, I raced this weekend, but it was, in all reality, only a training run for my marathon in November.  And then they say, “Well how long is that marathon?” And I get to answer with a stupid, silly grin, and say, “26.2 miles!” And then comes every runner’s favorite compliment “Girl, you’re crazy!”

To them it’s a moment of insanity for their friend who loves to run.  To me, it’s a training run, and yes, I started training again three days after the race was said and done.  It would have been two days but a stupid thunderstorm deterred me from running on Tuesday night.  At least I got to cuddle with Murphy longer!

Yesterday’s 5 miler with Murphy was a good, easy recovery run.  Tonight’s 6 miler was a split negative where I felt how tired my legs were after being back at work and standing on my feet for the last two weeks.  My legs got used to lounging this summer at the beach when I didn’t have to teach on concrete for 8 hours a day! Despite being tired, I managed to pull off a solid run with Tammy.  I didn’t really stretch before we left, and I know better.  I’m shaking my head at myself. I always know to stretch before I start any run.  I just wanted to go.  Impatience is not a good thing.  Here’s the turn out of our 6 miles: 10:26, 9:27, 9:46, 9:09, 9:00, 9:05.  We stopped and stretched at mile 3 because I couldn’t stand how tight I felt and how all over the place our pace was because of my stupidity.  Obviously, it DID make a difference.  Just look at the last 3 miles.  They were steady, pretty even keel, and it turned out to be a split negative run after all! Woo-hoo! 6 miles in 57:27 is averaging a 9:31 pace overall and is pretty solid in this heat and humidity!

Today is also the second day I have worn my hot pink Lock Laces in my new adidas kicks, and I am loving them! They look just like shoe laces except they are round and made out of elastic.  They get strung like your normal shoelaces as well, except that both ends get threaded through a locking mechanism, and the two loose ends get clipped to your preferred length and covered with a plastic toggle to tuck under the shoe laces once you have them on. I love how I squeeze the lock and slide it out from my running shoes just a bit to slide my shoes off, and then I can slide right back into them, and just squeeze and pull it tight again.  They are super comfortable to wear, and I didn’t have to stop once and tie my shoes (which I am CONSTANTLY having to do normally, even with double knots!) A big thank you goes to Lock Laces for allowing me to try these out.  I am a big fan! And it’s pretty awesome that my new hot pink Lock Laces match my new hot pink and mint kicks! Love it!

The countdown to Richmond is getting smaller and smaller, but the closer I get, the more I think I am ready.  After the race this weekend, I really only had just a teeny bit of soreness in my quads, but after a day, it was gone.  This really shows me how fit I have become, which in huge part is due to the group of runners I run with and my awesome coach.  Thank you all!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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