Mother Nature is At It Again

Mother Nature is not a fan of me running her nature trails. She has made that very clear. Two miles into my 16 mile run, she tripped me, and I scraped up both knees and my hands. My knees took the brunt of it. And yes, this time I cried because I scraped right over where I had scraped my right knee back in July. This area really has just started to turn skin color instead of being light pink, but was still tender if it got bumped. I did a number on it in July, and today’s fall did not help. 

I am so thankful that Sheila and Tammy were with me. We walked from where I fell to one of the inlets to rinse off my hands and knees before we could start running again. That’s when I discovered how bad my one knee was. God, I am such a klutz! We ran from the inlet on Long Creek to the Visitor’s Center so I could get something to clean out and cover up my scrapes. After I got my knees cleaned and covered, we headed down the Indian trail out to Great Neck. We opted to go up over the bridge and past the middle school to get some hills done and to train some on the pavement. Sometimes we forget to mix up the surfaces we train on and it can hurt us in the long run if we don’t train on the surfaces we will be racing on. 

We came back the way we went out, and went back to 64th Street on the Cape Henry Trail. I had to do a little bit on the Narrows to get the full 16 miles in. 

For the first time ever, I tried taking a salt tab at the ten mile mark. After my overheating at the Rock N Roll, I wanted to try out the salt tabs that everyone has been telling me will help stabilize my electrolytes and keep me from passing out. I took it with a swig of my Gatorade, and awaited its effects. It didn’t hit me til almost two miles later when I didn’t feel so fatigued, but I did feel thirsty. I could definitely tell that my energy levels were back up despite my body being tired.  After such a long and tiring week, I wasn’t surprised my body was tired. I just kept telling myself “Mind over matter.” As much as I hurt, I just kept pushing through it because I knew I could finish these sixteen miles.

No runner is perfect, and we all have our off days. Today was definitely an off day for me, starting with my fall and continuing with my body being fatigued. But I pressed on because I know when I run Richmond, there is a chance I will hit the proverbial wall. And I have to have the strength and determination to push through it to the finish line. This is what I focused on when I hit mile 14, and all I wanted to do was walk.  

I pretended I was at mile 24, and pushed myself to keep running, even if it was slow. I finished those 16 miles, with a trip from Mother Nature, and a walk to the inlet to get cleaned up,  in a slow but steady time of 2:59:15. Another long run is done. 

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!



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