It’s never good when you start your blog with “Ugh.” And unfortunately, it’s how I feel about my training right now.  I am so beyond bored with my schedule it isn’t funny.  Monday: rest. Tuesday: speed work. Wednesday: easy run. Thursday: hills or tempo run. Friday: rest. Saturday: long run. Sunday: recovery run. Repeat. I am just bored. Sorry, Coach, but it’s true. I somehow have reached the point where I just want to run, and not look at miles or time, but just run for fun.  I got to the track tonight and I grimaced at it. I stomped my feet. I said out loud to Sheila that I did NOT want to do the speed work for tonight. I just wanted to run because I wanted to, and not because I had to. Somehow, I have reached 8.5 weeks out from my race, and I am bored.  I seriously can’t be the only marathon runner out there who has reached this point.  For those of you that have, what advice do you have to offer? I’d love to hear it! I have 60 days before Richmond, and I don’t need a hiatus… I just need something.

So, despite all my fussing, I did do some speed work tonight. Did I do all that was on my schedule? No. Sorry, Coach.  Don’t mean to let you down! I did my “warm-up” mile in 9:15.  See, Sheila thinks warm-up means run fast.. I think I need to kick her hiney.  Did I mention that I’m lacking sleep, and it makes me punchy? I followed that mile up with my required mile for speed work in 7:41.  Wait. What?! I haven’t seen a seven minute mile since January. Woo-hoo! I think the chilliness of tonight helped this a lot. Mid to low 60s are perfect running weather in my book! I continued with my speed work, but this is where I changed things up.  Instead of doing 6 x 800s, I did 8 x 400s. Yes, yes, I know my math is a bit off, but my quads and glutes could not possibly handle another 400 after the following times: 1:51, 1:46, 1:49, 1:50, 1:47, 1:50, 1:53, 1:57. 

I wrapped up tonight’s speed work with a “cool down” mile at 9:14.  Isn’t a cool down mile supposed to be slow? Did you notice it was a bit faster than my warm up mile? Someone please explain this concept of warming up and cooling down to Sheila!!! LOL

So, even with my not wanting to do the speed work and being bored, I knocked out some pretty solid repeats tonight.  I’m pretty pumped about my mile too.  And Richmond is 60 days away… I got this! I just have to find my dinosaur gear…

Live. LOVE. Run. Passionately!

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