It’s funny how you realize the moment when…

you are truly a marathon runner.

~ An 8 mile hill workout, despite it’s difficulty feels like you’re cheating on the mileage.

~ the distance is, dare I say, easy….

~ you are visualizing you are at mile 24 when you have two miles left to go on your run

~ you imagine you are .2 from the finish during the last part of your run, and you push until the very end

~you grin so big when you’re done that the people passing you in cars, on bicycles, and walking think you are smiling at them

~you eat, sleep, dream, repeat anything marathon

~you think about pancakes often

~you are guilty of begging your friends to run “only one more mile” with you, and it’s often more than one

~you confuse your non-running friends and co-workers with the terms: speed work, hill workout, tempo runs, and fartleks

~fartleks are not only funny to say, but fun to do

~you do your speed work on the trails because it’s harder

~you’ve fallen multiple times and aren’t afraid to bare your bandages, then scars

~you’re already contemplating, not one, but two more marathons in the near future, including one of the toughest in the area

~you spend more money on running clothes, gear, fuel, real food, and headbands than on work clothes

~you eat A LOT.  Did I say A LOT?!

~you’re excited because your best four-legged buddy is building miles with you

~ your BIG day is marathon day!

Richmond, I’m going knock your socks off!

Live. Love. RUN. Passionately!

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One Response to It’s funny how you realize the moment when…

  1. Frank Cunningham says:

    you should make this into a Shirt! ❤

    On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 9:11 PM, Dr1v3n's Blog

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