Whoop whoop!

Whoop whoop! That was the sound of the day as Sheila, Jaime, and I were busting out 18.02 miles. It’s the farthest any of us have gone in our marathon training so far, and we rocked it! We ran it in 3:29:29, but had some solid miles at the end, which was crucial in our training. We were a talkative crew as we headed out at 6:45 this morning. I am so thankful for these two, as 18 miles is hard enough, but it would have been more difficult alone. I think we ran almost every single trail in the park today, including the paved ones!

Is it too early to say I think I’m ready for this race? Because in all honesty, I think I am. I rocked a lot of my favorite color today! I was determined that if I would fall again on the trails, my knees would be covered. I sported my pink and white argyle long socks with my pink skirt and Kicks. I think my calves feel so good right now from the compression of those socks. I am thinking this will be a must for the marathon. Now I just need to find dinosaur socks and a dinosaur headband!!!

Thanks for the great run today Sheila and Jaime!!!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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