Wobble Much?

Have you heard the wobble song? Have you seen the dance that goes along with it? What about the little toys called the weebles? Those weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.  Tonight, I felt like a weeble wobbling on my 8 mile marathon pace run.  I was supposed to stay around the 9:05-9:10 pace for the 6 miles between my warm-up and my cool down.  For some reason, I felt like my legs were all over the place tonight.  I could see that I wasn’t even running in a straight path, but was all over the sidewalk.  I focused on picking my feet up and moving my arms in a motion beside my body and not in front of it.  This didn’t even help.  Finally, I just decided to go with it, and hoped like hell I didn’t fall again.

I have been pretty adamant about covering my knees since I fell a week ago this past Saturday.  They are both healing pretty well, but I just don’t need to fall and scrape them anymore.  So much for having nice knees to look at.  Oh wait.. I’m a runner! I have battle wounds! There’s a story behind those scars! 🙂 Tonight was no different- they were covered up by my capri compression tights.  And they itch. HORRIBLY.  I know that’s a good sign… but I look like a crazy woman when my hand hovers over my knee, and I mentally debate as to whether or not to itch it. 

Regardless, tonight’s run is done, and it was done quickly.  I liked the idea of running at race pace to really see what my body could handle.  Coach told me to go by feel, so I focused on my breathing and form as much as I could while waiting for my running app to tell me the split times while I ran.  As I moved forward, I did the math in my head, and realized that I wasn’t really anywhere near my marathon race pace.  What felt good, but was a bit challenging, was a pace that was definitely faster than my race pace.  The good feeling kept me going for the entire 8 miles, so I tuned out the voice, tuned into traffic and the music, and just ran.

I got home, and walked Murphy as part of an extended cool down, and gasped at my split times.  Here they are: 10:20, 9:19, 8:58, 9:20, 8:47, 8:57, 8:57, 8:51. Obviously, it took the first two miles for my legs to warm up and loosen out.  At mile 4, I did have to pause to eat some sports beans because I just felt loopy and like I was lacking some serious energy.  I have been experimenting with salt tabs as well, and this was when I took one with a huge swig of water.  It seems that it kicked in fairly quickly because after that pause with refueling, I felt better, and less wobbly. I finished 8.01 miles in 1:13:49.

I don’t know that I can maintain an 8:57 pace for the entire marathon. I want to try, but I think 9:05-9:10 is probably more realistic.  It’s incredible what the difference is for times.  An 8:57 pace would be a 3:55 marathon, a 9:05 pace would be a  3:58 marathon, and a 9:10 pace would be a 4:00 marathon. I don’t want to think about the math right now, but rather focus on the distance.  I am really getting excited that it’s coming up so quickly! This weeble wobbled, but did NOT fall down tonight!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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