Some days you have it…

…and some days you don’t.  I had 16 miles on the schedule today, and started out at 6:45 am with Jaime and Sheila.  We started out feeling good, chatting it up, and moving along, but a little over halfway into this run, you could tell that each of us, for individual reasons, were not feeling this run.  Personally, I had had so many stressful things happen at work that caused my shoulders to be super tight, and it’s all I could think about.  I dropped my hands to make my shoulders release, and it helped… momentarily.  I moved my arms in forward and backward circles to loosen them, and it helped… momentarily.  I stopped to walk and fully stretch them out.  It helped… MOMENTARILY.  I am seriously in need of a masseuse.  It’s incredibly insane how much stress can throw everything off in your life: your running, your sleep, your eating, your attitude, etc. I just wasn’t feeling this run today, and obviously, neither were the other two running with me.  

Oddly enough, we were able to complete 16.01 miles in 2:51:06, and were able to maintain a 10:37 pace throughout the run.  Despite it being an “off” run, we held a stronger pace than we did last week for the entire run.  In my honest opinion, that’s pretty damn good.  It proves how strong we have become, and it shows our endurance holds up, even when we aren’t feeling so great. 

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