Watch Out!

Mrs. Potato Head is back and beating me over the head with her hard, plastic legs.  She’s giving me the “you know better” look.  After only running on Tuesday, and taking a break from running the rest of the week due to sinus infection that just flat out made me feel like poop, I thought I would try running again today.  I felt ok for the first 8 miles, but when I hit mile 11, and had to turn around at the 64th Street entrance of FLSP to come back, I was not feeling ok at all.  Clearly, my single day off from work and the mold and germs there was not enough of a rest for me to bounce back.  You know your friends know you well when they just can take one look at you and see you’re struggling to just keep going.  Today’s run was not a lost cause, as I finished 16.01 miles in 3:01:37, at an 11:19 pace.  However, it wasn’t my best run, nor my best idea lately.  I came home, took a fast shower, and crashed on the couch for 2.5 hours.  Obviously, Murphy also could tell I wasn’t feeling so great because he didn’t budge from the couch the whole time I was sleeping.  Lesson learned Mrs. Potato Head.  Don’t take on too much when you aren’t really ready.  Sometimes your body is right, and it’s not a mind over matter situation.

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2 Responses to Watch Out!

  1. How do I subscribe? Here is my blog to check out as well:
    Looking forward to seeing your posts 🙂 Cathy

    • dr1v3n says:

      Hi Cathy! I just realized that I needed to update my blog page to add the follow me button! Thank you for pointing this out! You should be able to click on my page, and find the follow me button or email option on the right hand side. I look forward to checking out your blog as well!


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