Blow Me AWAY….. WHoa!

It’s amazing how only taking a few extra days off last week has impacted how my legs feel several days later.  I haven’t been sore in a while.  Maybe a little stiff, but nothing out of the ordinary.  After today’s speedwork, I am sore.  Actually SORE.  The track was overtaken by middle school football, so I headed to the boardwalk to run my 8×800 repeats at or around 4:00.  I ran my 1 mile warm-up with Murphy, and he was loving every minute of it!  

We are supposedly getting hit with storms, wind, and rain from this tropical storm heading our way.  One look at me when I was done doing repeats would have confirmed that.  I was COVERED from head to toe in sand, sweat, and grit, and my blonde hair was standing on end in the most random places.  

It was CRAZY windy tonight, but I gave it what I had. Here are my splits (with this horrid wind, mind you): 4:49, 4:00, 4:24, 3:58, 4:30, 4:10, 4:11, 4:47, Given the nearly being blown away, and being pelted with sand, this isn’t too shabby.  The higher numbers are the repeats going into the wind, and the lower ones are going away from it.  Hence, my reasoning for being sore.  Tomorrow I will feel it, especially after moving into my classroom today!

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