A Peace of Mind

I started today’s recovery run in long sleeves and with with Murphy. I dropped Murphy off after a mile in and ditched the sleeves for a tank top. I ran circles through varying neighborhoods and plazas near my home for some different scenery. I felt rested today despite yesterday’s heavy mileage. My legs were a little achy when I got up, but nothing out of the ordinary, and they felt great as I ran today. It’s almost like yesterday was a rest day- that’s how good they feel. My tendinitis isn’t even flaring up. Woohoo! I found some solace in my run today that I really have been looking for all week. I was talking to someone recently about how creepy cemeteries can be, yet I found myself running loops through one today. Oddly enough, this is where I found my shoulders relaxing, my headache easing up, and a sense of peace enveloping me. Maybe it was the quiet, or the greenery, or the solid ground beneath my feet that helped me get that feeling. Or maybe it was a higher power laying a hand on my anxious soul and offering me comfort so I could just chill after an extremely stressful week. I’m not much if a church-goer, but I do have a sense that maybe my guardian angel was with me as I ran today, slowly unraveling each and every anxiety and worry and casting them aside. Needless to say, I feel better.

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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