2 Weeks to GO!

I can’t believe it’s exactly two weeks from today that I will be running the Richmond Marathon.  TWO WEEKS. Let the count down begin! Today’s long run was the LAST one.  Wait. My taper is beginning tomorrow. Taper. What’s that?!

The LAST long run before the big 26.2.  Somehow I can’t believe how much training I have done up to this point.  My months looked like this as I began my marathon training:

January- 80

February- 40 (I was restricted from running for two weeks due to illness.)

March- 123 (When I said kiss my tushie, and ran anyways.)

April- 75

May- 75 (This was supposed to be my take it easy month before marathon training actually began.)

June- 99 (I was starting to build my base mileage each week before kicking into full on marathon training.)

July- 97

August- 123

September- 144

October- 142 (I took a few extra days off due to a variety of reasons and the necessity of rest over training.)

November- 17.31 so far this month

And guess what else?? Tomorrow, I will surpass the 1,000 mile mark for the year.  This is my secondary goal behind running 13 races in 2013.  It’s so hard to wrap my head around how far I have come this year to see where I stand now.  I completed 17.31 miles today, and only stopped short of 18 because of eating something I don’t normally eat for breakfast and having a horrible stomachache.  I pushed through as much as I could handle, but maintained a fairly steady pace today as I ran from the paved trails to the other side of the park to the boardwalk, down the boardwalk, and back.  I think I am ready for this race.  I am hesitant to really put any numbers out there since my legs are still recuperating from me pushing so hard over the past few weeks.  HOWEVER, I know this race will be a PR regardless of how I run because I am a lot faster, a lot more physically fit, and prepared for this marathon than I was for my first marathon in 2011.  Today’s 17.31 miles run in 2:56:24 proves that.  If I maintain the pace I held today with a stomachache, I would break the 5:07:06 I did in OBX in 2011.  Bring it on Richmond! I’m ready to kick some assphalt!

Live. Love. Run! Passionately!

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