Road Runner! Beep Beep!!

Ok, so it’s officially 5 days til my marathon, and I’m doing speedwork.  Yes, I said it. Speed WORK.  Here is what was on my schedule for today:

1 mile warm-up

1 mile at 8:15

800 at 4:05

400 at 2:00

1/2 mile cool down

Here’s what I actually did:

1 mile warm up at 9:11

1 mile at 7:35

800 at 3:53

400 at 1:46

1/2 mile cool down somewhere around the 8:45 mark

I think the Road Runner has inhabited my body… or I got the running bug… or my speed is finally back… or it’s flipping freezing and I was outrunning the cold… Regardless, here’s what I say “BEEP BEEP!!” 🙂

I felt really good tonight, and felt like I was cheating by stopping at 3.29 miles.  But it is taper week, and I am supposed to be taking it easy (or eating), or something like that (or eating). Did I mention that I’m hungry? Did I also mention that I’m hungry ALL THE TIME?  

Well, I am off to eat my dinner. I think I earned it.  Don’t kick my butt just yet Coach. I do have a marathon in 5 days… and I kinda need my legs to work 🙂

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