Sometimes The Need For…

Solitude overtakes the need for company.

Chocolate trumps eating fruits and veggies.

Sleep is overrated.


Well… maybe not the last one. Although lately my sleep comes and goes as it pleases, and last night was the first night in weeks that I actually slept through the night without getting up to use the bathroom, being awakened by numerous random, stressful thoughts, or waking in a panic that my alarm would not go off at the right time.  Boy does insomnia suck.

I have been so sleep deprived that I have literally taken a nap after work, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. this week.  It may only be a quick nap, but some of them were a few hours long.  Insomnia strikes at any given time, so I am thankful for the sleep I do get, even if it’s not consecutive.  I worry about how my sleeplessness affects my running.  Tonight is a perfect example.  While I slept through the night last night, it was a restless kind of sleep where I tossed and turned frequently.  My body has been very achy lately due to the cold, and no, it’s not because I am sick.  The boiler unit where I work has not worked for the last several days.  With the drastic change in weather and plummeting temperatures, this has left me shivering while clothed in FOUR layers for an 8 hour day.  So, I go from my warm car to a cold classroom where I have tense muscles all day long, to a warm car.  My body aches because of all the tension in it and the lack of ability to get warm.  Following my naps have been really hot showers or a run, and then a hot shower.  So even with the exercise and hot water, it still takes a while for me to warm up, and even then, I feel myself curl up tight under my layers and layers of pajamas and blankets at night, just to stay warm. 

I was concerned about my run tonight because of all the tension in my body and the achy feeling.  I arrived a little late for the run with HRR, but they must have seen me pull up because they graciously waited for me to join them, and then we were off.  I had a 4 mile tempo run with a 1 mile warm-up and a 1 mile cool-down surrounding the tempo run.  My tense, cold, shivering body only had one mode tonight: fast.  The faster I ran, the faster I was done, and the faster I could get back in the car and crank the heat.  It’d warmed up to 40 degrees outside, and felt warmer than normal since we’d had such frigid temperatures earlier this week, but I still dressed in several layers.  I finally felt warm running in all that gear today, but as soon as I stopped, I realized I was soaked.  My body found a way to fight back for being pushed so hard.  Sweat through all gear and she will be cold at the end… Thanks body.

My tempo run looked like this tonight: 9:04, 8:58, 9:13, 9:00, 8:44, 8:58 for a total of 6.02 miles in 54:13 and an average pace of 9:00.  Not quite what Coach wanted for tonight’s tempo run, but pretty close to the 9:10 per mile he was looking for.  I know I ran the last two miles quicker because the wind was coming at me, and it was FREEZ-ing! Another training run for Shamrock is done!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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