Getting Out of My Own Way…

There are days when I need to remind myself that I am lucky to be out there running at all.  There are days when I’m out there to let go, to mentally dump whatever is going on with me so that I can once again think clearly and refocus.  There are days I am in need of being reminded to be FIERCE.  And there are days like today, where I just need to get out of my own way. 

I opted to run roads that I am familiar with this morning instead of meeting up with the group I normally do for a change in scenery.  One of my running buddies, John, kept me company the whole way.  And it’s honestly a good thing.  I don’t know that I would have run the whole distance that I was supposed to today if it had not been for him holding me accountable.  I’ve been on the irritable side of things lately, and my hips have been super sore.  All I’ve wanted to do is to give in to what my body’s natural instinct is to do: sleep. 

Today, I did do that. BUT it was after I ran the full 16 miles in 2:46:46, with an average pace of 10:23.  I crashed hard after an extremely hot shower, and I think I needed it.  Lack of sleep this week has caught up to me.  But I digress.

My goal for this marathon is to really get a handle on pace control. As much as I try to resist it because I know it’s a challenge of mine, I know it’s a necessary thing to keep me going once marathon day hits.  Today was pretty spot on about maintaining pace despite my hips hurting.  I still let myself get in the way though because I gave in to the hurt of my hips, and didn’t push the pace.  I didn’t want to be at marathon pace, but have the ability to pick it up at the end like I need/want to do.  A negative split would be a great way to end this marathon.  And while I know other runners have aches and pains too, I am just super frustrated that it’s my core muscles that are weak and are causing this pain.  I am finding that Murphy is loving me doing planks and clamshell exercises to strengthen these weak areas because it means I am on the floor at his level.  He also thinks it’s funny to try to back his butt up to my face to get me to scratch his back while I am doing said exercises.  You try doing planks with a tail whacking you in the face… it may be funny at first….

Whew. I just need to get through this stress, and find a way to really let go so my body can actually relax while I run.  I just need to get out of my own way, and live fiercely.

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