Banana Peel Adventures

Sometimes I think there is a reason for everything. Sometimes I overthink things.

There’s this thing that I can’t quite figure out. It actually started last year.  I started to find banana peels on every run, in different places. At first I thought it was a bad joke, or a trick that someone would try to trip up a runner.  The culprit would be hiding somewhere nearby in hopes of catching the runner who was so “in the zone” that they wouldn’t see it, and helplessly slip and slide on aforementioned peel.  Then I started seeing banana peels ALL. THE. TIME.

I told one of my friends about it.  Sheila laughed and said it was a sign I needed to eat more bananas.  Then she saw one with me.  She still thinks I need to eat more bananas.

Today’s 16.5 mile run was absolutely awful.  It was frigid out. I’m not kidding. It was a balmy 17 out with a windchill at all of 8 degrees.  I was bundled up what I thought was fairly well, but guess what?! That biting wind found all the weak spots in my gear, and nipped my nose and cheeks. My legs felt like lead today.  When I did get warmed up, I instantly got cold again.  The highlight of my run, besides having good company (thanks John), was running through the snow drifts off Dam Neck Road like a kid playing in the snow.  The snow drifts were up to my calves at the tallest point!


Other than that, my hips decided to start hurting, not aching, but actually hurting around mile 11 or so.  I’ve made the decision to go get a massage and see if it’s a result of some other muscles being tight and my hips are overcompensating.  We shall see…

But I digress. The banana peel today was around mile 3, and we stopped and snapped a picture of it on the way back. I had to have proof.  And so this proof begins the banana peel adventures! Hopefully, it will be a better story next time!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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