I think I live at the beach.  But the past week and today’s weather are not really what you would expect at the beach. Cold, dreary, ridiculously windy, and the white stuff… Yes, I said it, snow! I can’t believe that the schools are already closed for tomorrow… but then again I can. I grew up where we would go to school even if there was five feet of snow on the ground.  The only caveat to that was that if the buses could not travel the back roads, even with chains on the tires, then we did not have school.  That was very rare.

So running in the 23 degree weather with a wind chill of like 10 was not fun.  I had 2x 2 miles at around 8:40-8:50 pace tonight with a good warm-up of a mile or so.  Let’s just say that by the time I got home from that run, which was about 3:45 since we had a 3 hour early release today, I could NOT feel my face or my ears.  I did have a beanie on my head and my ears were covered, but my poor cheeks hurt so bad when I came inside that they burned.  That’s some serious cold. Definitely not something to mess with.  I’m just glad I got my run in today because if we really get the 6-10 inches they are predicting, each run the next few days will be resistance training because I will be trekking through snow!

My overall run was 5.01 miles in 44:59, which averages out to be an 8:58 pace.  When it’s cold, I definitely run faster! Here’s the miles for tonight: 9:43, 8:40, 8:49, 8:42, 8:47. I felt really good out there other than being cold.  I even sported my lined track pants from college.  I think they are too big… I kinda had to keep pulling them up, even with the drawstring tied tight! And yes, the ban-nan-na adventures continue! I swear I see them on every run now, no matter where I run! Stay warm everyone! 

Live. Love. RUN. Passionately!


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