Going Against The Grain…

“…should be the way of life.  What’s worth the prize is always worth the fight.” ~ Nickelback

Today, I learned how many people are actually tolerant of runners running against the flow of traffic on the side of very busy roads.  Some are tolerant, and smile and nod.  Some go absolutely batshit crazy and honk and point incessantly at the sidewalk.  Today, that sidewalk was covered in snow that varied in height from ankle deep to hip deep. I certainly was NOT running in that snow. When the first guy adamantly pointed where the sidewalk was covered in snow that had been plowed off the road, I just waved and kept running.  Clearly, he has not read his DMV manual lately because even runners are allowed on the road as long as they go against the flow of traffic! I even passed five police officers who waved, smiled, or gave me the head nod as I made my way around the nearly 6 mile loop around my neighborhood.  SO THERE to those meanies who think I shouldn’t have the right to run on the road.  You try running in knee deep snow for several miles, with soaking wet shoes, and tell me how you feel.

I also learned that often times the tolerant drivers are likely fellow runners.  They were the ones who smiled, gave me the thumbs up, and the head nods as they passed by and gave me an extra few feet.  I truly pressed my luck today by going against the grain.  Throughout the entire run I was thinking about Meg Menzies, and how safety is so crucial.  I saw so many distracted drivers who swerved at the last minute even though they still were giving me enough space.  It is so important to pay attention when you are driving AND when you are running on the road.  It’s both parties’ responsibilities. I know in the past, I have been guilty of checking my phone if it makes any kind of noise to show I had received a message from a number of apps. I now force myself to leave my phone in my bag until I arrive at my destination. No message is so important that it can’t wait a little bit until my 2,000+ pound vehicle has come to a complete stop.

I also realized that people don’t acknowledge that they bathe in cologne or perfume because they are so attuned to what it smells like that they often put on more than they should. Case and point- I ran past a Jeep on one of the service roads, and as I passed him and for several more yards, I could smell his cologne.  His windows were up…

I knew this run would be rough with the 8.5 inches of snow we got on Tuesday night.  I expected to be running through piles of it pushed to the sides of the road, and possibly getting wet.  I didn’t expect to get soaked toes in the first few minutes because what looked like soft snow was all mushy and wet underneath.  Oh well. I kept running!

You know it’s been really, really cold when 33 degrees feels amazing, and you leave your winter running jacket at home and only put two long sleeve running shirts on with running tights.  I didn’t even bring my gloves! It felt ah-mazing out today! I can’t believe they are calling for 65 on Sunday.  This city will be throwing a party because all the snow will melt by the end of the day! They are soooo not prepared for major winter storms.  I felt like I was at home in New York when I woke up and the temperature read 6 degrees with a wind chill making it -4.  This is the beach… right?!

So with all my insightful thinking and being super aware of my surroundings today, I managed to get a crazy 5.7 mile run in today where I dodged many puddles, slush, ice, and piles upon piles of snow.  My time varied, which was to be expected, but the effort was there!

The icing on the cake is this gorgeous sunset I got to see as I was less than a mile from home!!!


Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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