It’s long run time…

You know you are training for a marathon when:

– you enthusiastically get out of bed at 5 something in the morning to go do a 16 mile run

– you bring strangely named things with you to run: gu, salt tabs, Gatorade, Garmin, Road ID

– you know the right ratio between water, ice, and Gatorade to put in your water bottle so that you don’t have tummy troubles

– you know what tummy troubles I’m talking about

– your long runs keep getting longer (hence the 16.1 miles I ran today even after racing a half marathon [13.1 miles]last weekend)

– you get giddy from being in the sun too long despite the salt tabs

– you run so long that sometimes walking is an option

– going over a bridge seems like a good idea on the way out on an out and back loop

– the bridge suddenly grew as you approach it on the way back on the aforementioned out and back loop

– you keep begging the clouds to dump rain on you because it’s so humid that everything you are wearing is actually leaving a droplet trail behind you as you run

– showers on the boardwalk are the greatest things ever invented and are multi-use: soaking your head to cool down and to fill up your water bottle

– you keep looking at your Garmin every tenth of a mile for the last mile of your run and swearing you have come further than what it says

– you purposely get into a tub filled with cold water and then dump ice in to make it colder

– you get into the previously mentioned tub with clothes sans your running shoes

– you take a cold shower afterwards so that you can feel clean but not negate the effects of the ice bath

– you know that next weekend you get to revisit the long run all over again

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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One Response to It’s long run time…

  1. lea says:

    ha ha! Love it!!

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