Fall is officially here!

It is finally, truly Fall at the beach. There are several factors that play into my thinking as much. It seems as though we’ve had several chilly days, but then a warm one will come along. I’m not saying that won’t happen again, but the chilly days have led into even chillier nights. Those chillier nights have led into some pretty great runs lately. It’s hard to deny the fact that I run so much better in the cold than in the warm. My lungs can suck in all the air they need, especially since it isn’t moisture laden and heavy. I’m able to control my breathing so much more easily, and I am not wheezing or gasping for air. My core may be covered with an extra shirt, but it doesn’t feel heavy or binding, just comfortable to move, and breathe, and run. My legs don’t ever seem to mind the chilly air as long as my core is warm. But tonight, my legs felt the crispness in the air, as my lungs simultaneously gulped in loads of it, and they propelled me forward at a speed that had just this past weekend felt cumbersome because of warmer temperatures and denser air. My run tonight was a 1 mile warm up with Murphy, 4x 5 minute intervals at 9:00 minute pace, and a 1 mile cool down. I was supposed to be doing the tempo intervals at 9:00 minute pace… but when I looked down at my watch, it glowed up at me reading 8:20… Wait. WHAT?!? It’s amazing how the variables out of your control can help either impede your goal or succeed! I knew I was pushing the pace, but I thought I was just above the 9:00 minute pace. It felt like the same effort I had been putting in during this between time of transitioning from Summer to Fall. Well, hello SPEED! Oh, how I have missed you! Welcome BACK!

16 days to Richmond! Getting #RichmondReady!

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!

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