Surf N Santa 5 Miler

The Surf N Santa was an awesome 5 mile loop that included running from the Virginia Beach Convention Center through the Christmas lights on the boardwalk and back to the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Had I not been in corral 1, I may have actually run through them in the dark. However, they were still sparkling away as I went past and were so pretty! It felt great to push my pace to see what I could do for this distance after having run so many longer training runs and races lately. My achilles didn’t hurt, and isn’t sore, so I’m taking that as a sign I’m actually really on the mend! I forgot my watch on the way to the race as a result of dropping off my car super early for some work, going to volunteer at the Seashore Nature Trail 50k in the freezing temps, and then going straight to the Surf N Santa race. It didn’t seem to matter though because I pulled off 44:36 for an 8:55 pace overall. It was also a great opportunity to see friends from many different parts of my life: ΑΣΑ sisters, GOTR friends, Mary Kay friends, Lynchburg College friends, HRR friends, and teacher friends. As big as this community is, I love that it brings so many of my friends together for a common cause. #surfnsanta14

Live. Love. Run. Passionately!!

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