Dedication is running on a 17° day with a 9° windchill and still getting it done. It’s not being able to feel your face or your legs but moving forward 1 foot at a time. It’s feeling like a firebreathing dragon who has run out of fire and can only blow smoke as you move past all the people driving in their nice, cozy, warm cars. It means pushing harder at the end of the run to get inside faster so you can finally warm-up. It also means being a personal steam machine when you’re done and are slowly peeling off layers that you covered your entire body with just to stay warm while you ran. Dedication is training when you don’t want to, when it’s too cold outside, and when you can think of 1 million reasons why you shouldn’t be outside running, but realizing training on a bitterly cold day where there is no ice on the ground trumps not being able to run outside at all due to iced over snow. Dedication is showing up and doing it anyway.  (Bonus points for an unintentional negative split run today!)

Live. Love. Run!

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