Mother Nature’s Oxymoron

image imageIt’s a strange world we live in. It’s even stranger when you’ve lived somewhere that doesn’t shut down for any type of bad weather, and then you move to an area that flips out over flurries. Don’t take me wrong, I enjoy a nice snow day like anyone else, but I prefer the soft fluffy powder that you can play in over the stuff that gets sleeted on shortly after it falls and turns into hard-packed ice.

In this city I call home, we’ve had both kinds within the last week. I am thankful that the snow that fell yesterday provided the opportunity for Murphy and I to romp and play in it as it was falling. The weathermen were wrong again.  Our predicted less than an inch of accumulation turned into nearly three, and it started and stopped snowing way outside the time frames they predicted. My job called early on in the evening to let everyone know that school would be closed today, and to stay safe and warm. I got excited knowing I could run on this fluffy white stuff today!

Since I’m still dealing with the bronchial remnants of a flu/ bronchitis that just won’t let go, I used my inhalers as instructed, bundled up, and headed to the oceanfront.  I knew the snow would be turning into slush, if it hadn’t already, because the sun was shining brightly and the predicted high for the day was a balmy 39 degrees. Dare I say it actually felt warm out there today?! That tells you how frigid it’s been here at the beach. Our normal winter weather touches the 30s in the coldest months, but only briefly.

I was right in my prediction of a snow-covered boardwalk that turned slushy. Today wasn’t about speed, but about getting the miles in. I took it easy, didn’t push pace, and just soaked in the sunshine and my view of the gorgeous sky and the ocean! I made my way from the King
to the Aquarium and a little past, and back and tackled the Rudee’s Inlet Bridge along the way.

Finally, my breathing regulated itself, I didn’t have to cough, and I am starting to lose that elephant on the chest feeling. It’s a scary thing, not being able to breathe.

I did see some entertaining things along my run today, including some super cute seals doing flips in their house, and a tiny snowman on the boardwalk.
Finally, a run where I caught myself dancing to the music and enjoying what I was doing instead of pleading with my lungs to suck on air. I will take a good run any day. 8 miles in the books!

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