Disappointed is Another D Word

There are times when the things you really want to be a part of just can’t happen for a variety of variable reasons that are out of your control. I have not been sick all summer. I had an absolutely crazy, whirlwind, fun, sleepless summer!

Then comes teacher week, and on the afternoon of Day One, I had a horrible migraine and a sore throat. Fast forward to Day Four, and I’m calling out sick because I’m running a fever of 101, can’t swallow because my throat hurts so bad, and feel so completely out of it because I’m so overly hot. Bam! Hello sickness. Day Five results in a trip to the doctor that steamrolls my plans for a fun filled Labor Day Weekend. Doc says its strep throat, and I am to rest with plenty of fluids, ibuprofen, and antibiotics. So I ask what all runners ask when they have a race in a few days “Can I still run??” Doc says “No, definitely not. You need rest.”

So much for my 9 year streak of running Rock N Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach. And then, cue Hurricane Hermine, making her way up the coast from Florida. The wind and rain alone were crazy enough; I couldn’t imagine trying to not be blown away. Oh wait. Yes, I can. I’ve run in those same elements on many a training run and certainly many race days. The only benefit for Hermine visiting was that it gave me an opportunity to defer my race, which I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

To this end, I’m still disappointed because today’s run would have been one of the coolest runs for RNRVB ever. I’m disappointed that my body can’t seem to win when it comes to strep. And I’m disappointed that I’m stuck at home over another holiday weekend.

And now that I’ve let it all out, I’m excited to say that I get to be a coach at my school’s running club this year! I am thrilled to take on this opportunity! It will be fun to not only teach these young minds, but to share my passion of running with them too! Disappointment does not mean defeat. Disappointment means defiantly driven to try again!


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