Project Reset Commences

IMG_6661.JPGAfter 37 days of not running, the last 11 bronchitis related, I have been itching to run. I kicked myself for not taking running gear with me on my trip home. Although getting outside in the “feels like 19” and flurries might have been fun, it would have been short lived!

Fran joined me for some miles on the Narrows trail and day one of Project Reset. It was exactly what I needed: a run, some walking, and lots of photos for the #RunChatHunt! The skies were so blue and the trails were beautiful. It couldn’t have been a more perfect way for me to hack up the remaining junk in my lungs….. oh, wait, I mean to start on this next training cycle!

As I thought eagerly about this run on the LONG and chaotic drive home yesterday, I considered my focus and my word of the year: grit. My goals this year are for me, solely me, selfishly me, because I can. I want so badly to focus on time goals, but I want to finish a race feeling strong, like I dug in with all I had, and I beat that asphalt up as I forged toward the finish line. I want to kick the dirt, to fight hard, and coerce my body to be a safely strong as it can be from the inside out. Grit is where it’s at. Grit is what that’s all about. So grit is my word. My mantra as I move towards my bucket list goals in 2017! And dear body, listen up, as this little guy is singing to you:


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