The Itch

Did somebody say speed?

There always comes a time that this wanderer has the itch. The itch for a new goal, a new focus, a new thirst for success. After a disastrous marathon, my thoughts have been going a million miles a minute. Once I settled some from dealing with the aforementioned race, I realized that I was not fueling the fire properly. I originally chased the marathon distance in 2011 because I was told I couldn’t do it. I then chased the 50k distanceĀ  in 2012 just to prove it could be done. After the 50k, barely 3 weeks later, I broke the 2:00 mark for a half marathon for the first time ever in the 7 years I had been racing road races. My strength and endurance don’t disappoint me, but they don’t fuel the passion for running like hitting a hard track workout spot on. They don’t leave me so spent, yet so thirsty for more at the same time. They don’t literally and figuratively kick my ass so hard that it truly becomes even more non-existent than it is. (Don’t you know I’m captain of the tiney hiney club!) The angrier I got about the not to be named race, the more I want to focus on something new. My love of running hasn’t shifted, but my goals have. My itch is to find my efficiency, my threshold, and to push beyond it. Insert my new focus, and new goal here: shorter distance, better efficiency, and hopefully, the paces will make me feel like I am flying. I’m not afraid of running the distance. I’m not afraid of running over mountains. I’m itching to hit the track, and do so many ladders that my legs feel like jello afterwards. I want to quit feeling like I am trudging through peanut butter, and feel like I am flying! BRING IT ON! #focused #fearless #fierce #fuelthefire #skirtsportsambassador

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