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Fueled by Food, but how?

Let me first preface this by saying I am not a nutritionist or specialist on any kind of diets, but I have tried a number of ways to eat and am willing to share what I know. What I have … Continue reading

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Running Etiquette

Running etiquette is something that is not often discussed, but honestly, should be. Having run for most of my life, I have learned runner etiquette is not only appreciated, but expected. I have come up with a quick list of … Continue reading

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Why Do You Run?

This very question has been thrown around a lot in my world lately. I’ve seen it posed in varying running groups I take part in, on a few blogs, asked in person, and presented as a tagline for a local … Continue reading

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Tunes or No Tunes?

I often get asked if I run with music or not. When I first started running during high school, I never ran with music.  As I ran during my college years, when I was no longer on a team, and … Continue reading

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Cold Weather Runner’s Advice

I am through and through a lover of cold weather for a solid run! My breathing is much easier, my pace becomes more steady, and I don’t get as overheated in cooler temps. My personal opinion of perfect running weather … Continue reading

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Resolution vs. Goals

As the end of the first day of 2018 approaches, I have been thinking about resolutions for the new year, as many of us do. The more I look at the word resolution and it’s direct definition, the more I … Continue reading

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Just Say No to a Marathon

Just reading the headline may perplex you, especially if you are a runner. You may ponder my reasoning, and begin scratching your head as you process the possible whys. My reasoning actually began 23 years ago on a track in … Continue reading

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