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New Goals, New Adventures

Life certainly has thrown me some twists and turns lately. Hello homeownership and all that comes with it…. thank goodness for the bf and friends and family who know how to fix things… water leaks, a broken washing machine, a … Continue reading

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The Itch

Did somebody say speed? There always comes a time that this wanderer has the itch. The itch for a new goal, a new focus, a new thirst for success. After a disastrous marathon, my thoughts have been going a million … Continue reading

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Grandma’s Marathon 2017

Sometimes the words just don’t come. Sometimes they come at me so hard, it’s like a freight train hit me, I crash landed, and a tsunami hit. Bare with me as I try to elaborate on what an awful mess … Continue reading

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Strong is one of those words that can be associated with many things. A strong cocktail, a strong tasting coffee, a strong chemical smell of a cleaner, or a strong towel that holds up to tug of war with your … Continue reading

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Reset, Recharge, Refocus

I’ve seen a theme amongst my fellow runner blogger friends: time to check out, recover, regroup, and refocus. I too took a time out when I chose not to be a pacer for a local training team this past fall. … Continue reading

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Street Smarts for Any Runner

One of the things I have learned through my lifetime of being a runner is being smart about when and where you go running. You should always be aware of your surroundings, and this includes being familiar with where you … Continue reading

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Project Reset Commences

After 37 days of not running, the last 11 bronchitis related, I have been itching to run. I kicked myself for not taking running gear with me on my trip home. Although getting outside in the “feels like 19” and … Continue reading

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